Furman power conditioner

Has anyone used Furman products in their power supply to Naim kit?

Something like this Furman AC-210 A E Power Conditioner.

I doubt it. Naim do not recommend this. But lets see

Ah, why do Naim not recommend it? What is the risk to either the equipment or degradation of SQ?


I do not know in any detail. Someone will add some theory to it Im sure, possibly @Richard.Dane .

None of the units that Naim have tested over the years have improved performance, and pretty much all have impaired it in some way or other, some alarmingly so. Note that many impaired performance just by being plugged into a wall socket in the same room, but with no kit directly plugged into them, something that almost scuppered a demo I did in Sweden one time until I finally found the culprit - a big high-priced mains conditioner of some repute that looked like a power amp and was hidden behind some kit and still plugged in; once unplugged the performance of the Naim system soared. I’ve written lots on this over the years so, probably best to do a search.

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Many thanks Richard. I’ll take a look through the site.

The reason I ask is that I have a dedicated circuit tapped off of one of the 3 phases supplied here in France, but still get an intermittent increase in hum from the 250-2. At its minimum it is acceptable and from reading, probably normal. At its worst it interferes with quiet passages of music and is unacceptable. I have tried each of the phases and although it varies it is still variable at different times. I’m guessing a DC offset transformer would be the first thing to try but unfortunately Airlink are not replying to my two email enquiries made. They seem to be busy enough without the added complication of supplying to France post Covid and Brexit. I haven’t yet found an EU supplier and it doesn’t seem that common a thing here. ( If anyone in the EU knows of a supplier please post). Meanwhile searching has come up with Furman as a supplier of conditioners for studio and gig work, so I wondered.

I’ll keep looking.

I bet @Richard.Dane you have that in your stock of answers ready to cut’n’paste :hugs:

It’s not a bad idea, but I try not to have a stock answer or to cut and paste stuff (too much of that goes on these days for my liking). That way the door is never closed on evolution and new experience.

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Thanks Richard for your expertise.

As a relative newbie to the forum I have learn’t a lot about the products of Naim although I’ve been running them in ignorance for some little while. Your own and others experiences and expertise has brought me a long way in just a few months. I have also noted an ongoing development of ideas and thoughts on even the older Naim kit. The one thing I like is the testing of ideas against previously known information and this forum allows that. I will update with my experience when I have the DC blocker in place (not an isolation transformer).

I really hope you have the same success i did Bruss.
Its really tightened my sound up to aswell as sorted the damn humming

Installed today.

So far so very good. Hum has gone.


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Great… has it had an effect on your overall sound?

I cant say it has in any way deteriorated, in fact possibly the opposite. A clarity that may just be a function of no underlying hum. I never heard the hum but I knew it was there, if that makes sense. Now, no hum and th sound is cleaner. All in the mind?

No, thats exactly what I experienced too.

Update on the ATL dc blocker. An excellent piece of kit, so good that Mrs Bruss remarked on how that gadget has improved the sound. It has silenced the 252 completely, not a murmur. The 250-2 is now completely silent for most of the time and whereas at its worst it was a buzz rather than a hum, now if you get up close and turn the volume off then you can discern a faint hum occasionally. So good I shall probably get another for the study CB kit.
Oh, Mrs Bruss did say that she could hear a hum and when we looked for the source we found that the 'fridge in the kitchen does indeed have a hum. :slight_smile:

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Glad my recommendation worked for you as it did me.
Not overly expensive either…

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I used a Furman 2300 ITE unit for some years with my Naim system (LP12Aro/Superline/CD555/552/300) and it was excellent. At the time, we lived in the Middle East and the quality of mains supply was unreliable. The Furman unit produced a balanced supply and successfully silenced noisy Naim PSUs. However, at 43kg it was quite a lump.

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