Furniture/Units - What Do You Put Your Naim On?

I have my Uniti Nova on a pretty cheap, and mostly empty, bookcase. Used it as I couldn’t think of anything else to put it on! Had the Atom on it beforehand.

Does it actually make any difference to it? Are certain units better than others, or it of no consequence what it is sat on?

If so, I’d love to know what others have their items on…and if there is any truth in this whatsoever!

People do say it makes a difference as to what supports your audio equipment, I’m now lucky enough to have mine on a fraimlite, I too own the Nova. Previously it was in an IKEA ‘Besta’ tall unit with a glazed door in front of the Nova. I think there was a difference in SQ but it did seem to be very subtle.

Why not take a look at the System Pics thread, and you will see exactly what people use.

The Nova may be different from the classic Naim boxes, as they are of a different construction and have different feet. Over the years I’ve heard massive differences resulting from system supports and am a firm believer in supporting the boxes as well as is practicable in order to get the best from them. Others may think it’s all snake oil and that supports make no difference.


I have quardraspire shelving for my system.

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The accepted wisdom is that it does make a difference. Although I doubt many people have done a side by side comparison between the various options.

The system pics thread shows that there is some nice non-specialist furniture you can use as well.

One obvious benefit from using a proper rack is that you can properly organise your cables. Taking care with their arrangement does make an audible difference (in my experience).

If you’ve got a relatively cheap system then it may just benefit from buying some sort of isolation platform.

Mine’s on Hutter which at one point was the forum darling before Naim launched their own


My system lives on a Quadraspire SVT rack with bronze upgrade spikes on the top shelf Seems to work well and looks good.

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This is what I have mine on, I’m sceptical about isolation but it did make a noticeable improvement in the detail, it tightened the sound up.


Like that! What does it sell as?

I bought three Naim cups and balls and had my local glaziers cut a piece of Pilkington toughened glass to size, it cost me less than £100.


I use a Target stand for my Naim:

THE CD player sits atop the DAC and the Tascam SSR-200 solid state recorder is atop the NDX-2, which I know isn’t ideal but space is at a premium.

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This is what i use. It made for a fantastic improvement in every area coming from a modified Argos TV unit.


All of those look great!

What I’m really after is a single tier unit…only really need the one level for the Nova.

I’m in the UK…any ideas?

Weren’t Lack coffee tables from IKEA rather in vogue on here at one time? Never used one myself but cheap enough to give it a try, perhaps.



Quadraspire Interfaces? I use the Q-plus under a UQ2.

but if you are after a dedicated freestanding unit with one shelf and long legs like a table, you might have to build it yourself.

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If I had just a Nova I’d use a nice side or coffee table. You can get some lovely ones from Heals and then there is Ercol and various others. Putting a sheet of glass or some such underneath the Nova may make a slight difference but would spoil the look.


Nice setup there Stephen.

This is my Nova on a marble topped coffee table from Heals. Needs a plant underneath to mask cables but looks and sounds v good to my ears


It’s a lovely table. They don’t seem to sell them any more unfortunately.

I use an old Quadraspire Q4 rack with various length columns.
Looks a bit odd or weird.
I have two top loading sources (turntable and CD player), I still wish to remain my kit into one rack only.

Always lusted after a 5-tier Hutter but rarely seen these s/h.

Good support certainly optimise performance.

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