Furniture vs Dedicated HiFi Supports

Enjoying a vastly reduced box count (ONE) but looking to house the Nova and also the network (Raspi, Cisco, Router) but separately and away from the Nova,

For me the move is purely for aesthetic reasons. I would like a stylish, elegant solution instead of a HiFi rack.

Just wondering if anyone else has gone this route, i recall seeing a picture in the 2019 Pics thread, looked like someone had a nice wooden side table to house network gear.

Most of what i have found so far is very industrial or data center type rack design

Since you don’t need a specialized rack, you should probably consider shops and magazines that emphasize home decor. Ikea or wayfair, also houzz - on-line should give you plenty of ideas. good luck and keep enjoying the music.

Is there a reason for wanting them separate ?? OK I understand if the router is already separated by location, but if its because you think it has SQ gains, I’m not sure that is worth pursuing.
I experimented a few years back router-NAS-streamer & found no audible difference either way. Because the incoming phone line was a job & a half to wire to a LAN switch & to the streamer, I bit the bullet & had BT move the phone entry to be close to my prefered location for phone & broadband hub. I now have it all located close together.

Re rack - I share your frustration, I made my own - 3 classic sized boxes visible & 2 cuddly toy boxes hidden behind the cabinet door.

Thanks gents, will look wider.

Placement wise my Nova is away from the switch, router hid on the tv stand, was looking to tidy that up

I house my Nova on the middle shelf of an Ikea Besta TV unit with the TV on top. It sits on a slab of perspex raised on nut/ball bearing supports. Looks and sounds fine to me

Another shout for the BESTA. I house my RP8, NAT01, Aria, TTPS, Cisco switch and Unitiserve along with some LPs in one.

I have Naim cups and balls with glass for isolation on the top (for the RP8 and NAT01). This is in combination with the Fraim for the amps, PS and NDS but it is good value, looks fine and is really adaptable with doors, internal glass shelving and removable back panels all available depending on individual requirements.

For me it has the added advantage of keeping the Unitiserve’s hard drive behind a glass door and therefore quiet as it is quite noisy when left out in the open.


Quadraspire Qplus interfaces. Put the unit on whichever bit of furniture you like and just put the Qplus (they do 3 ranges at very different price points) under the feet.

I should think for a Nova, the Qplus Evo will be sufficient. I use these under a UQ2.

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