Apologies if I have this wrong as new on the fora, but @marka posted a lovely pic of his shelving in 2019 and I have searched everywhere I can think of on the fora and web but cannot find the source. Does anyone (including him) know where I might get it? Thanks!

I think I have a very similar unit that I use for tv paraphernalia. It might be worth looking for ‘mandir sheesham‘.

Hope this is of some help.

Hi there, @twyfry it was indeed a mandir sheesham ‘Low Hi-Fi’ unit from Casa Bella Furniture.

About 9 months ago I did some major Naim upgrading ( 252 / SCDR / 300 DR etc) so ended up going full Naim Fraim.

Thank you! - and are you convinced for the Fraim advantages? do tell…

Oh yes, there is no comparison and anyway I significantly outgrew the number of shelves :slight_smile:

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