Furutech and cable size

Has anyone successfully connected 10mm cable to a Furutech wall socket? They appear to be designed for 5.5mm so 6mm might be Max, at a squeeze. Anyone with experience ?

I would give mcru a call they sell them…they can advise.

Thanks Gazza, will give them a shout…

They offer a few options my take out is Furutech go for pure copper and more conventional cable size versus other brands with larger cable size options with brass and plating with gold etc.

I haven’t tried a Furutech socket but I’d be surprised if it didn’t take a 10mm cable. A standard MK socket certainly will.
If you’re intending to use double sockets, remember that Furutech doubles are actually two singles in one housing which need to be wired separately. So you either need to run two cables to one double, or daisychain the cable, in which case you have to try to squeeze two 10mm cables into one connector.

I haven’t used one myself, but yes, as far as I can tell you would need to wire them as two separate sockets. So you would need all three T&E wires to run to one socket, then short links on to the next.

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Thanks for the replies all. I had thought about a double but decided against it due to the daisy chain requirement to double up on cables into the same connection - 2 x 10mm seems like a lot of cable to snug into one connector.

It will be a shuko socket but as far as I can tell, the cable connectors are the same as UK versions.

Interesting feedback from MCRU. Didn’t answer one way or the other about 10mm fitting but did offer that (standard) 10mm is a waste of money and its much better to go with smaller, better quality (purity of copper) cable. That would seem to tally with the Furutech approach and in line with my dealers thinking.

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Interesting comment as they sell both, a bit of a conundrum, but at least you can return if you do not like.

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I based my assertion on Furutech advertising their sockets being designed to accept “up to” 5.5mm2. I assumed they don’t see a need for anything larger as they also make power cable, none of which I could find any bigger than that.

Ordinary 10mm T&E is what Naim recommend. Others may have a different view, of course (possibly influenced by whether or not they can sell it to you.) Many years ago my old Linn dealer recommended the mains cable used to wire fire alarms because it’s shielded.

Interesting, that will presumably be Pyro which would have a very good Earth as a result as it will be the outer cable. Would love to know if anyone has tried it.
Probably easier to run compared to 10mm armoured cable

Several ways to skin a cat as they say. I appreciate Naims no nonsense approach to cable recommendations, to get most of the way there without faff or extra expense.

For those who don’t mind a bit of faff or extra spend (not my default position I must say) there seem to be alternatives out there; interconnects, speaker cables, power cables etc so I’m not surprised there are alternative spur cable approaches.

My dealer has recommended Furutech FP S032N (which is 2.5mm) - I guess there would be no problems fitting that to my Furutech outlet !

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