Furutech fp-1363d

Hi does anyone have experience wiring these, i see an old closed thread, but given both sockets are independent i assumed as my mains socket wire has two of each L, N and E into one clamp on my current standard socket, so i assume i can just wire one to each?

I assume that you live in the UK? It would be unusual to have two cores of each from a single source as standard ring mains twin & earth has single-cored cable - what you probably have (though I’d recommend checking with an electrician if you’re unsure) is an input and an output (supplying further sockets in the circuit). If you do, indeed, have multiple cores in each cable, it would probably be unwise to separate them as that would compromise the load capacity of the ring main. The safest, and surest, solution would be to connect both wires into one socket and then, separately, link that socket to the second with cable of equivalent rating. On a standard double socket this is done through a single set of connections as they are connected together by design.

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I wired a double Furutech socket (no idea of the part number) for a friend a few months ago.
I linked each sockets L,N & E together with 2.5mm cable & wired the ring main pair into one side.
This no different from the way you would add a single socket spur.

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Thanks @Stilts and @Mike-B many thanks will use the daisy chain method.

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Forgot to say originally the task was to replace a few key standard sockets with more Smart sockets (i.e. TV, AV system, computer, screens, chargers, etc…),

I resulted in me FINALLY running all my power leads to the right, avoiding all that messy crossover spaghetti with the speaker and ethernet cables.

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