Fuse For Naim equipment

Good morning guys. There would be somewhere a list with the values ​​for fuse naim electronics? I looked for it but I can’t find it. in particular i would need to know the fuse values ​​of xps dr and ndx2. can you confirm that naim supplies you LITTLEFUSE fuses? I have a lot of difficulty finding the right fuses for the xps dr and unfortunately it happens to me that these burn out. thanks to those who will be able to help me.

Think you are best to contact customer support.
FYI my olive xps has a T2.5 amp made by the little fuse company. This doesn’t mean that’s the same for your xps dr so contact the customer support.

In the frequently asked questions you can read why it’s best not to take advice from random people on the Internet.

Atm I’m trying to source a T4A little fuse company for my Armageddon. I’ve recently learnt the T stands for “slow blo” from what I understand all naim components use slow blo fuses, if your replacement fuse is a fast blo fuse that’s your problem. But like I said email naim. Really important to the point of house fires and all the misery associated with it.
Good luck.

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