Fuse recommendation

Is there any recommendation for the fuse replacement of the amplifier/power supply? And how should the orientation of the fuse be? Thank you in advance!

You need the correct type of T rated, slow blow fuse, if in doubt get one from a Naim dealer. Did you find the spare in the little holder next to the mains socket?

Thanks for replying! Yes I noticed there are two fuses and to be honest, I didn’t realized it is a spare one, I thought both are working. I just want to upgrade the fuse actually and I think it will make huge difference.

NO! Don’t do it. It’s a critical safety part. Only ever replace with the exact same type and rating - your Naim dealer can supply. Replacing with anything else will, at best, void any warranty, and at worst make the unit potentially unsafe and possibly lethal.

p.s. Please read forum rules if you have not already done so. Discussion of this nature is forbidden, for the very reasons I outline here.