Fw 4.3

I spent around 30mins to update that little thingy (Muso2). It became first frozen, then it continued to display purple on the side. No reading anything via the app . Only Rooms not found.It felt like it were a relic in the meanwhile. I am now really scared to update my brand new ND.

The Mu-so Firmware 4.3 update is a particularly large and detailed release - which is why we advised a power cycle after the update. Have you done that? (Unplugged the Mu-so, leave for 30 seconds and reconnect.) Is all working now?

Your ND streamer should be fine - firmware 3.8 is a small update, and many here (including myself) completed it in a matter of minutes. We’re here to help if needed.

Many power cycles for sure .Thanks Yes, it is working but cannot see the actual bitrate in the app now.

Can you explain more re that App aspect to my colleague @tomvamos please? He can look into it with the team

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I will do that. What you did to Airplay in this last fw is interesting. It sounds somehow nicer, my old ears and little muso (coming here from Tidal). Maybe it is still not proper lossless and AAC, yet it is better than the Swedish dominator.

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