Fyne audio 501SP

Hi all hope your keeping well in these strange times. Anyone out there in Naimland heard Fyne audio 501SP yet.Ive heard great reports on em

I hope someone feeds back on these. If I were shopping for a circa £3k floorstander these would definitely be on the list. Made in Scotland too.

They would be on the shortlist with Sonus Faber Sonetto iii, Proac DT8/D20r and Piega Classic 7.0. All quite different no doubt but all made in Europe and appear to be very well engineered/built/finished options.

Yes I’ve been looking at the Proac d20r. But I’ll certainly have a listen to the 501s.its a bit trivial but I wish Proac would put some kind of protection on the bottom of the speakers like Fyne Audio do with a metal base and spikes. You never know what a vacuum cleaner can do if you’re not careful. Stay safe all

Almost never hear a mention of Piega speakers on this forum. I’ve had my Piega TS5s for many years and love their sound. Naim setup has changed a bit but the speakers remain!

I have Piega TS3s in the main bedroom. Great speakers, especially for their size. Bass output is good and a lovely clear treble. Paired with an Arcam Solo Movie 2.1 they have great synergy. I can imagine that the latest models, equipped with the AMT tweeter, sound really nice.

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