Gains and losses - move to garden room

I have had my garden office reconfigured post retirement. I have a 500 system in the house and Titan 808s. Although the garden room is smaller than the space in the house I suspect the comparative lack of furniture in the garden room may compensate for the loss of space (garden room is about 15 x 12, as opposed to about 22 x 14. The garden room has the TV and being able to hook it up to the NAIM kit is a big plus. I spend a lot of time in the garden room.The downside is that there is no room for the Fraim in the garden room and the kit (ND555 with 2 555 power supplies, 552 and NAP500 so 6 boxes in all) will have to be accommodated in a unit created for the 55” TV. The only viable option would be to stack the power supplies, 2 on top of each other and the ND555 and 552 will fit on separate shelves. I know the likely answer is “try it out and make your won mind up” but if I am going to go down the route of changing over I am likely to decide to pay a professional to install the kit. The other upside is at present I am using Dynaudio XD Focus 30s in the garden office. They are very good and the lack of boxes and wires goes down very well with my long-suffering wife - she’s quite keen on the idea! Your thoughts would be very welcome.

Cramming a 500 series system onto a TV shelf that doesn’t have enough shelves sounds like a big compromise to me. Perhaps a putting the source and preamp on a single rack and running active speakers would be a neater solution. Maybe ATCs?

Please tell me your garden office is very secure and alarmed?

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Thank you both. The more I think about it, the more it is a non-starter. The security aspect is, perhaps, not the least of the problems. Insurance does cover it - I checked - but that’s not really the point.

What’s a garden room? Does it have a solid wall to mount the telly on leaving enough room below for two Fraim stacks?

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I’d stay with geraniums!

Think you might have already lost a box, as shouldn’t it be 7 boxes not 6 lol

Duh! Yes, 7

We built a garden room last year. The only thing I felt safe to put in it was a QB.

Can i ask, who your insurance is with, as my insurer would not insure it, should it get nicked from the garden room.



Get rid of everything. Just sell it. Then buy a Bentley outfitted with Naim. You can go out and sit in the car listen to your heart’s content.

Apart from all the above a sparse room can be really bad for sound I once spent a whole day moving my system into our dining/back room and the lack of furniture, rugs, curtains etc made it sound awful.

Already got one … just kidding!

Aviva cover other building contents up to £5k.

Thanks - unfortunately I have a 500/ 552 and that causes an issue

Aggh i see. I would call an insurance broker and tell them exactly what you are looking for. They can offer bespoke insurance.

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