Gapless playback from app

Why the Naim app can’t play gapless. This should be a simple thing to implement but it seems not possible.

It’s nothing to do with the app. It’s the upnp server that may or may not be able to play gapless. What are you using?

As HH says, this is down to the server you’re using, not the app. Whichever upnp server you’re using, it looks like upgrade is in order…

I’m not using any server. Just tidal and Qobuz from my ND5XS2. Directly from the Naim app

All the app does is tell the server - in this case Qobuz or Tidal - what to send to your ND player. The app doesn’t actually play anything.

That’s the problem, no server. And the ND is not taking the stream from the app, the app just facilitates the connection from internet to the ND.
Jeez HH, 2nd time on this thread that you’ve beaten me to the punch !

Sorry Mike!! I was thinking - does the native Qobuz or Tidal play gapless? I thought it would, or there would have been mention of it surely.

I’m not sure Nigel, I’ve not tried a known gapless album from Tidal.

Then if your accounts are “gapless”, gapless it is.

For Tidal, you just select “hi-fi” through the Tidal input setting on the app.

I have the Hi-Fi membership but it always has some time between te tracks

I misunderstood sorry. I always use the streams as presented, with a small gap between tracks, or the albums just as recorded.

It is not down to the server. For example, in my LAN, gapless replay through the Allo DigiOne into the Naim DAC works flawlessly. However, playback via Chromecast audio is not gapless. In both cases the server and the control point are the same.

It is also not true that gapless replay has nothing to do with the control app. For example, the dCS Bartok supports gapless replay with the dCS Mosaik app but not with other control points.

It is true that the app does not play anything itself. However, the app may or may not support gapless relay on a specific streamer or network player.

As far as UPnP streaming is concerned, I would expect the Naim app to support gapless replay on Naim streamers. Anything else would be a faulty behavior.

For internet streaming services, however, the situation is quite different. Not even the Idagio app support gapless replay.

It would be great if the Naim app would support gapless playback of Qobuz and Tidal streams through Naim streamers.

But it would be a bit too much to pretend the Naim app to do so if not even the Qobuz app and the Tidal app would support gapless replay!

I think we are saying the same thing - that the Naim streamers, controlled by the Naim app, will play gapless so long as the thing that is sending the music - the upnp server or the internet streaming service - can handle it. So it’s not the case that the Naim app is unable to do it, which is what the OP suggested.

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Not sure what is going on with the OP’s ND5XS2, but my Atom plays gapless when streaming Qobuz. I don’t know about Tidal, since I don’t use it, but local streaming and Qobuz are definitely gapless using the Naim app to control.


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How anyone can tolerate lack of gapless play beats me - it is an absolute dealbreaker for music intended to flow smoothly from one ‘track’ to another, such as in a lot of opera, prog rock, and some classical. When I had an ND5XS, playing music music streamed from local storage first on a NAS with Twonky UPnP server, then Logitech Media Serve, then on Mac Mini with Serviio as media server, there was no problem with gapless play As controlled by the Naim app - so unless something radical has changed in the app I would expect it still to be capable.

If the lack of gapless play is Tidal, it would absolutely block that as a potential source for me.

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I’ve just tried playing a known “gapless” album on Tidal using my NDX2 and it plays perfectly gapless.
I am using the Naim app to control it, so there would seem to be an issue with the OP setup or implementation.

@Hifi_Naim_CNNL is it possible you have touched the part of the App screen, which switches to play the tracks randomly?
“Random play” will make the songs in the wrong order and therefore will not play without gaps.

Personally i don’t listen to classical or prog rock. Gapless or not gapless doesn’t change anything for me.
But I understand It can bother some.