Garrard 301 Support

Just discovered my father-in-law owns a 301 he bought new c. 1960. It hasn’t played in 30 years. I see Loricraft seems to have been absorbed into SME, with no support of vintage 301s seeming to be offered.

What is the latest on refurbing these? It needs a plinth and a suitable arm and cartridge, in addition to a full service. Am I 10 years too late?

Thanks for any advice.


Nick - according to a press release (May 2018) when SME acquired Loricraft, the servicing was to continue - and there appear to be some others which offer the same.

‘There will be further announcements regarding the development of the Garrard audio brand in the near future. For the time being, Loricraft Audio, now supported by SME, will continue offering its re-build and repair service for Garrard 301’s and 401’s, along with the supply of its accessories and record cleaning machines, from its facility in West Berkshire, England.’

If you can do a UK internet search ‘Garrard 401 servicing’ you should get some good leads to follow. They’ve also relaunched the 301 - so do a search on ‘Garrard 301’ too. You should find a dedicated 'site = with a UK 'phone number.

It seems Loricraft’s web-site is a best kept secret/still WIP?..where’s Sherlock Holmes when you need him most.

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Oh, I should add that it seems plinths are available your side of the pond e.g. via Woodsong?

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And Definitive Audio is a convenient interface with Harban/Woodsong, I see. Thanks.


The High End show in Munich saw a newly built 301 displayed from Loricraft. Very nice it looked too. Worth making contact with them regarding a rebuild. Otherwise there are a few others who do an excellent job rebuilding Garrards, such as the Classic Turntable Company, Peak Hifi, and Northwest analogue.

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