Gato DIA-400S NPM Int. Amplifier, DAC & Network Player, anyone had a listen?

Just wondering people’s thoughts on the Gato Integrated.

I wonder if @billywindsock has finally heard it .

I like the look of it, but never heard. The class D doesn’t appeal me that much, but I may be wrong.

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I didn’t hear one. I didn’t have the courage to spend money on something I have not heard, or seen, in the flesh. I would very much like to see and hear a Gato.

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I’ve owned the 250 and heard the 400. They each have a slightly different flavour (different amp module). Some people prefer one and some the other. They’re both very good in themselves. The 150 is a Class A/B amp, rather than a Class D. As ever, it’s all about the rest of the system and personal preferences.

As far as Class D goes, I do not hold to the theory that all Class D has a ‘sound’ any more than I do that all Class A/B has a ‘sound’. Not these days, anyway. I own both types of amp.

Some think that class D sounds a bit cold and analytical. I haven’t heard class D so I don’t know

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