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Any seasoned travelers willing to help answer the following:

We fly from Glasgow (heading off on surprise Disney holiday to Orlando over the festive period) arrive in Gatwick and Depart later same day on long haul - both flights with BA.

I’m assuming we can check in our hold luggage straight through in Glasgow, then once through security we won’t have to do same (security) in Gatwick??

Looks like BA operate out of the South Terminal, so when we arrive should be able to go straight through to international departure lounge…been a while since we’ve done international flights!

Fingers crossed for weather, industrial action, bomb hoaxes etc…

Thanks in advance!

You will be able to (indeed you will have to) check in the baggage at Glasgow and collect it at the other end in Orlando without having to worry about the transfer at Gatwick. Obviously you need to keep passports, tickets, toiletries and any other essentials with you, as you won’t be able to get hold of anything until you collect the bags at Orlando.

Gatwick is much smaller than Heathrow, although still quite a bit bigger than Glasgow Airport, so the transfer should be quite a smooth process, unless I’ve just jinxed you by writing this!


It should do -as you are flying with the world’s favourite airline . I’ve put my case in at Durban , flew internally to J’berg, cleared international and picked up case at Heathrow

Feeder flights with transfers from provincial airports to major hubs like Heathrow and Gatwick are very common.

Yes - that is normal for flights - and has been for as long as I can remember…
Which is quite a while… :thinking:

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Thanks guys - it was more the security / transfer at Gatwick I was concerned / unsure about, having never done long haul through there…instead of heading for baggage claim I guess the international flight departures will be well signposted.


This courtesy of gatwick airports website -

*“If you’re arriving at Gatwick from the UK or Ireland and are connecting to an international destination, you will need to go through immigration. If your hold bags are through checked or you’re travelling with hand luggage only, you can then go straight to security.”

“If your hold bags aren’t through checked, you must collect them first. Follow signs to Baggage Reclaim – you will need to pass through Passport Control on your way, then go to check-in for your next flight.”*

What determines if your bag will be checked through - if you have one ticket - for outbound travel, it will be the same locator reference, then bags will be checked to final destination from airport of origin.

If you have booked each flight separately, then it is most likely you will have to claim baggage at LGW and repeat check in again for your connecting flight. Two tickets will have two different locator references, which is effectively two journeys. Much will depend on how and with whom, you booked flights and other aspects of your travel.

edit - security at each airport, no question. LGW is reasonably signed and there are airport info desks.
edit 2 - to make life easy on transfer at LGW, write the international flight number (the 2nd flight) on your hand in biro; saves having to open phone or look for a booking confo -unless you are great at (trying to) remember the flight number!

bon voyage

Same for a Manhatten Transfer?

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sound-hound - I read that on the website and to be honest - it confused me even more!

We booked through Disney, are flying BA both flights, will have paperwork as well as checked in online to book seats etc (as I don’t want to pay the money now! lol) I’m almost 100% our bags will be checked in through to final destination - but it was the still needing to go through immigration bit…?

We are flying out on the 23rd Dec which is one of the days Border Force are striking at both Glasgow and Gatwick and am just trying to foresee a smooth transfer…don’t think I’ll be able to chill until we are all in the air on that Orlando flight!

Am also up in Shetland at work at the mo (work rotation up here) HIAL are striking too and Sumburgh is closed Monday and Thursday (I think it was) - we crew change on Tuesday so hopefully shouldn’t be affected…could be doing without this extra headache, but I understand why they are doing it and support them in the quest for better pay!

Just, well, selfishly, we lost Disney holiday due to covid in 2020 (thankfully the kids don’t know) and this time round was just wishing a magical trip - positive vibes and crossing everything will go to plan!

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hope all goes well


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Yes - but with one caveat!

Both flights need to be made on the same booking by the same person. If the flights have been booked separately with different booking references, then you may well have to collect your baggage in Gatwick and re-check-in your hold bags and go thru’ security twice. I know this having undertaken flights from Glasgow to Gatwick and Gatwick to Orlando just 3 weeks ago. Because my domestic and International flights were booked by different people and different booking references I had to this.

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Just don’t worry! If in doubt just ask. Airline staff deal with such questions every working day, and, no doubt, many from travellers far more ignorant than you! Hopefully the strike action will not affect you, but good luck if it does. Be prepared for delays and be patient.

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