Geddon with Ekos SE/Krystal

Since AROs are quite rare and I already have an Ekos SE/Krystal, do folks think they might work well with a Geddon? The rest of the deck is black liner pre-Cirkus bearing and steel subchassis.

I was thinking it shouldn’t be too far off since the original Geddon was voiced for a pre-Cirkus bearing, modified Ittok and a Karma.

I’m not interested in the Cirkus/Karousel, Lingo/Radikal or Keel/Core for this deck.

The rest of the system would be 32.5/160 with SBLs.

Also, is an older Geddon with Holden and Fisher PSU any better than later ones?

I think you could do worse. I still have my Geddon from the early 90’s. I’ve also been using it with an Aro, Krystal, pre Cirkus bearing and sub chassis up until a month or so ago. I just loved the sound. Very Naim!

However, my dealer recently convinced me to go Kore and Karousel. So far I’m pretty amazed at the jump in performance. Maybe one of the single biggest upgrades I’ve ever made. I mentioned servicing the Geddon or getting a later one. He said no point as Naim do not service them.

I respect his knowledge and he rates the Geddon as better than a Lingo 3 but not as good as the 4.

I’m in the process of adding karousel and lingo 4 to a kore/krystal Ekos lp-12. At the same time changing from a prefix powered from my 282 to a Rega Aura, which I’ve had powered up for several days but have yet to hear it. I’m hoping (expecting) the tt to be back this weekend

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You should be in for some fun exploring your record collection. One tip, you may find that the VTF changes slightly as the Karousel drops the noise floor quite considerably.

I’ve been using a Armeggedon since 2004 before that was using the Lingo 1 ( bought new in 1991 ) with Ittok / Karma then DV 20 L. I then bought an Aro I think it showed up the Lingo 1.
I then bought the Armeggedon it was a night and day transformation for me. Still using it today ( Olive unit ). Deck has moved on to a Tangerine Audio Stiletto, still with Aro, Armeggedon, Cirkus, Kiseki Blue NS and Trampolin 2.
I have no itch to scratch when the dust has settled I may go for a Karousel.



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