Gen 1 Mu-so or Qb to mate with Uniti Core

I’m looking for a kitchen system so that I can mirror the music from the Uniti Core in my main system while I’m cooking. I’ve got space for either the Qb or the regular Mu-so. Leaning Gen 1 to save cash; only used unit is in my current budget. Neither unit will have ideal placement – the Qb’s would be out from the wall, but under a roughly 80cm square butcher block with four very solid wood posts. The Mu-so will probably be on top of the fridge, with something to dampen vibrations.

Any opinions as to which would be better for this use?


Personally I would go for the Qb. It’s easier to locate and sounds better a bit out from the wall than close to it anyway.

In fact I did go for a Qb for our bedroom!

The 1st gen. Musos are fine if you’re just going to use them for locally stored music. The current models will be better if you use Tidal/Qobuz/Spotify/Roon or iRadio.
You should plan to use wired Ethernet as they do not have good WiFi performance, again this is much improved on the current Mk2 versions.

I would probably just go for a QB, but that might depend partly on the size of the room, and what sort of volume levels you want.

Good to know about the WiFi, Chris. That definitely points toward the Qb, as it’ll be much easier to get a wire there than for any place I might put the regular mu-so.

Though maybe I just wait for a few months til I have the budget for a Mk2.

With a good wifi setup the qb first generation can stream happyly without issues at least for internet radio and tidal 320 kbps. I think I at one time has managed to stream 24 bit albums from my ns01 again without problems.


I’m using a gen1 QB in my workshop, and find it really good with my Core. I’m also (as a bit of a year long experiment) running Roon on my NAS, which is able to play to the QB via AirPlay (something to do with the NAS supporting it)

Much of my music is 24 bit, and the Muso plays this over wi-fi with no problems

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Found a deal on a demo Qb 2, and snapped it up!

So the question has been settled :smiley:

Thanks to everyone who gave their input, it was useful.


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