Gen 1 Muso and iPhone

I seem to recall conversation about this but couldn’t find a definitive workaround (if there is one).

My Wifi is dual 2.4 & 5GHz with a single SSID. There is no way to split the bands (Google mesh). My gen 1 Muso seems to connect to the network but I can’t connect to the Muso with my iPhone or IPad so I have no way to control the Muso. I assume my iPhone is connecting to 5GHz and so is effectively on a separate network.

I can’t find a way to force the apple products to use 2.4Ghz and the gen 1 Muso isn’t 5GHz capable. Wired connection is not possible where I want to site the Muso (assuming it still works after so long gathering dust!).

Is there a workaround for this? Could I add a second router to my switch and set up a second Wifi network at 2.4ghz only. I would then dedicate an otherwise defunct iPhone as a remote for the Muso (assuming OS/app compatibility). All I need to be able to do is control USB connected content.

The difference in bands shouldn’t make a difference - I’ve got the same configuration with the Muso an gen 1 on 2.4ghz abs my iPhone on 5ghz with the same SSID.

Have you confirmed that the Muso has an IP address? Can you do so through the Google mesh console? What colour is the led on ur back off the Muso - this should tell you if the Muso has completed its network configuration.

As @JonoB says.

I too have my gen 1 muso Qb on 2.5 GHz WiFi and all the Apple devices are on 5 GHz WiFi. It always works fine.

The colour of the LED on the back of the muso is key. If it’s properly connected to the network then when it’s on it should be white.

What router are you using, and is it still running a DHCP server? A problem experienced by a number of Google mesh users is that it does not allow you to disable its DHCP server, so if you cannot disable the one on your router, you will have problems with both devices trying to allocate IP addresses which inevitably causes glitches similar to those you have described.

I have a solid white light on the Muso and it shows up on my mesh as a connected device, with an IP address.

Router is the one that comes with Google mesh. It indicates no “DHCP IP reservations”.

The Muso seems to be connected to the network, as is my phone. I still can’t get the Naim app to see or connect to the Muso on the network, though my phone will connect via Bluetooth and I can stream directly from my phone.

My ND555 shows up on the app - same devices, same network.

Edit. If I go though the routine of adding a room again, it doesn’t find the Muso (room) and just hangs, searching. If I cancel, the Muso appears as a room. When I try to then set it up to the network, it takes 2 or 3 goes, each time stopping with an “unexpected error”. Eventually the flashing purple changes to solid white (connected to the network) on the Muso but the “unexpected error” appears on the screen again. Same thing happens each time. So the app eventually recognises the Muso, lets me connect it to the network, but then doesn’t see it on the network as a room any more.

Bizarrely, it showed up long enough to connect the app. All of the radio stations were gone, not even anything to browse/search. I hit the check for firmware update, got the little rotating wheel for about 30 seconds, then it disappeared from the app again. Still shows a white light but doesn’t show up in the app, either automatically or adding a Muso manually - just takes me to “select a device” but there are no devices to select.

Can you try connecting with another device than your phone to rule it out?

I’d had issues connecting to my NDX with my elderly iPad mini but never my newer iPhone.

Factory reset for the Muso?

Have tried various devices - all apple, the older devices functioned previously.

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I think you will find this is a peculiarity of your router, basically (for “security” reasons) not responding to the request from the app to pass along messages from the Qb during the setup phase.

I ran into exactly these symptoms in a holiday rental a few months ago and when I got the muso Qb home again, it behaved entirely normally. Unfortunately the holiday rental router was not accessible to me, but I know from previous experience in another building on the same small farmyard development that using Ethernet cable between the Qb and the router worked fine.

Have you tried factory resetting the Muso and then setting it up again as new? I also assume you tried removing the power from the router and the Muso? In the UK BT had a problem with a version of their firmware that block full access between the 2.4 and 5GHz networks. An update of the router firmware eventually fixed it.

Could be but why would it have worked in the past? That was a couple of years ago mind you, perhaps an update has killed the communication somehow? Only for the Naim app though? It’s frustrating to know that the Muso works, connects to the network but wont connect to the app (or vice versa) so it’s basically useless.

Yes, reset, disconnected, re-setup everything, several times.

I don’t think it’s the app. The app tells the muso to report back and the router won’t allow that for “security” reasons. So the app never gets any response.

Do the Muso and ND555 communicate with the app in different ways? The router works fine with the ND and the same app (and every other app in the house). It worked fine in the past too - is there a way to identify and rectify the incompatibility?

It would seem excessive to throw out a commonly used and perfectly functional (with everything else in the house) mesh system, and it seems unreasonable to have to throw out a perfectly functional Muso because the app has become incompatible with a common domestic plug and play router.

I think they do work differently yes. But I don’t recall the details now.

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Confirmed Muso and App communicate when Muso is on ethernet but no communication over wifi, though the Muso stays connected to the network over wifi. Unfortunately, there is no ethernet option where I want to site the Muso. That leaves me with USB devices and blind scrolling the content with the Muso remote - not a good solution, though perhaps slightly better than having to throw a perfectly functional Muso in the bin.

Would it help if I plugged an old AirPort Express into the Muso?

I think it would potentially help if you set up the Airport to provide a new WiFi network (which your muso would talk to). The Airport would likely negotiate successfully with the existing WiFi network and not present difficulties to you adding devices to it. But your phone would probably need to be on that same new network. But it might not need to be.

Why not just wire it to one of your mesh devices instead of adding an ancient Airport Express? Not sure you should have to do either of these things if your mesh was working properly, but mixing different types and brands of WiFi equipment seems like a bad idea to me.

If you set up the airport express in bridge mode (so that it’s providing a wifi connection, but not DHCP services), it could work. Or you could get another relatively cheap wifi bridge to connect to the Muso to do this job.

Google mesh devices do not have Ethernet ports so direct connection is not possible.

The mesh works fine for everything except the Muso to Naim app connection.