General consensus... Is Olive or CB 135 Better?

As per title is the Olive or CB 135 better ???

In most respects they are very similar. Main change was with the transformer when Holden & Fisher ceased and Nuvotem took their place around '93. And of course the very last 135s used NA007s in place of the NA001s in the regulator boards.

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Thanks, just asking as the CB 135’s seem to be fetching more money atm.

I’ve had both CB and Olive 135s in an active system at the same time, with both the NA007s and NA001s and both transformers. I honestly think you would be hard pressed to tell them apart. In many ways the 135s were/are extremely musical amps. I would say that they really have only been bested by the 300 and up. I’ve had 135s and a 250DR swapped back and forth for extended periods in the same system and the 135s, in my opinion, were still overall better. In some ways I regret having parted with them, but … C’est La Vie.


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