Generic Siri commands

Hi, i would like to know if there is a list of Siri commands you can use with just ask to play via Tidal or Spotify to a specific/ set of speakers. Eg I want to play Naim internet radio2 on my Atom (called “study”). Or play a specific tidal playlist in the kitchen. Tried everything but only get a single album, or song played via Tidal or Spotify. No radio station from Naim app itself.

A few weeks ago I said to the home pod mini ” hey siri, play Mike Oldfield in the living room “ suddenly the NDX 2 turned on, the cinema processor turned on, the Bluesound also on started and all played the music in the same room, quickly issued another hey siri to stop playing music.

When multiple devices are on the same room is better to specify or make a shortcut, or say play music in this HomePod or play music on the NDX 2.

With shortcuts you can customize your own commands for starting your music.

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