Genesis sells all post PG catalogue

Anyone else spotted this? Also includes PC albums… they’re obviously at an age where it’s time to cash in.


I expect this kind of thing to gather even more pace, as it’s a highly logical thing to do in avoiding bunfights and personal estate issues in times to come. There’s also alot of demand. I would say this content is from the golden age of music (1970s/80s it seems) and is enduring because of this (with commensurate tail revenue streams).

Interesting to read what’s involved and whether potential purchasers are looking for material lot sizes, as it seems like PC’s content on its own wasn’t sizeable enough to close a deal, or his reps were simply asking too much?

One thing to be mindful in these deals is who owns the portfolio of rights around the songs, as this can scupper deals, as some rights are sub-sold/can be held by many different parties. I suspect some media accountants & rights lawyers will have a good Christmas on the back of this!

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A nice pension pot for them.

Can never believe the deterioration of Phil Collins over the years.


Compared to all the others - PG, SH, MR & AB. All of whom are relatively healthy it seems.

But if you read his book, you will start to understand.

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100 million each… probably see them out.

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