George Ezra / Pink Floyd

Is it just me or can anyone else hear the beginning of Pink Floyd’s Welcome to the Machine at the start of George Ezra’s track Breakaway (specifically between seconds 02 & 04)?

I am sure I can, but can’t find anything on www to confirm this …

Yes. I can. Via qobuz, faulty? First time I didn’t, (bit of studio noise, someone says “go”, guitar starts) then I played pink floyd to remind myself, and now I hear it.

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I initially heard it via Qobuz, but it is also on George Ezra - Breakaway (Official Audio) - YouTube

Hmm very strange. Definitely sounds like floyd to me.
Edited- I first played track 1 by mistake hence why I didn’t hear floyd at first.

Another vote for ‘that’s what it sounds like.’ I’ll listen a few more times; not yet convinced its actually a sample.

I think I need some therapy, George Ezra and Pink Floyd mentioned in the same line, separated only by a forward slash, how dare you sir!


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