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Grateful for some advice from classical music fans out there.

Generally I like rock, folk and Jazz. But I do have a JS Bach interest. I’m also a terrible completist.

I’m looking at some complete box sets. The price varies greatly but more importantly be grateful for advice on sound quality and meta data for streaming (I can’t face editing 150+ cd’s meta data)

Listening to them all will be a project for 2020.


The Innuos range have brilliant ripping qualities even with classical. Try one on loan. I prefer to discover slowly rather than mega. You could try Qobuz.


hi drumbo

generally the streaming data model has problems with classical music - composer and performer are important vrs primarily artist for rock etc. i use tidal currently tho i understand qobuz is better for classical. i have found similar problems with ripping - you are likely to have to edit meta data.

when it comes to earlier ‘classical’ music (eg JS is baroque period) there are huge differences in performance style - think trad folk vrs folk-rock and everything in between. for baroque it varies between ‘authentic’ ‘original-instrument’ performances (which are often fast eg 1980s/90s sometimes little slower more recently) vrs modern instrument orchestras which in the bad-old days sometimes played bach at a heavy funereal pace - of course all this is a terrible over-simplification.
the problem with box-sets is you are likely to get a set of older performances in a certain style eg period-informed modern instrument if you are lucky. IMO it would be better to stream a range of performance styles across a range of pieces and see which you prefer - or you may find them equally valid. a problem with streaming is you don’t get the booklet which often discusses the style of performance (a problem on tidal -qobuz may be better). this is probably all very off-putting but it is a case of try before you buy. at a guess if you enjoy folk and jazz i would think authentic/period instrument might suit you (its what i enjoy)
good luck and enjoy the journey

As indexical described, there are a wide variety of approaches to Bach’s music. I’m not willing to limit my listening to a single approach, as I suspect most box sets do, or a single artist for many pieces (though I have my favorites for certain pieces and instruments). For example, Bach’s keyboard works are dramatically different depending upon whether played on harpsichord or piano (or organ for that matter). I find that different versions say something new to me, and I wouldn’t want to give up any of them.

FYI, I have found Qobuz works pretty well for classical music, both in terms of sound quality and ability to find what you’re looking for in the first place. Integrating Qobuz via Roon is a plus. Metadata isn’t perfect but you can edit and supplement with tags (such as baroque, etc.). I have Qobuz sublime+, so with albums that I really like I frequently purchase hi res download from Qobuz.

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Bach, wasnt that a composer for a seventies prog rock band?

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