Getting back in the game part II

Following on from part 1, I have now ordered a Nait50 and Infidelity have just let me know it’s in and just needs paying for, hurrah.
But my next dilemma is, I have LP12, Ittok LVII and ASAKA cartridge, but the NAIT only has a MM phono stage, so should I :-

A) ditch the ASAKA and utilise the lovely phono stage and replace with a MM if so
What would you recommend?
B) stick with the ASAKA and purchase a SUT, if so any recommendations?
C) buy a preamp…

Thanks all.

Tagging @Richard.Dane for his opinion.

Can your dealer loan you a SUT to try and see how it sounds through the MM stage in the Nait.
As is always the case with these things, the only real way to find a solution is to let YOUR ears decide😉

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I’ll be seeing them next week, so I’ll seek their help too, just a lot of thoughts buzzing around at the moment……

Ohhhh you mean the hifi game. I was going to recommend Tinder or Grindr.


If the LP12 has an off board PSU then I would go with a s/h Prefix and a HICAP. Otherwise, for more money how about a Superline with Hicap? Although it may start asking questions of the ASAKA…

I had mixed results when I tried SUTs on my NAIT 2, although all were relatively affordable (i.e <2K). You could just get some Ortofon T5s and see how it goes. They’re inexpensive and if you don’t like them you should be able to easily resell for what you paid. It’ll give you some idea of what to expect.

Probably the best option here would be either the first one I mentioned above, or to retire the ASAKA and get a suitable MM.

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Thanks, I’m going to get the LP12 serviced/assessed so maybe the cartridge is a bit long in the tooth and that will make the decision it little more straightforward.

Any recommendations for a similar level of MM cartridge as the ASAKA?
I’m assuming technology has improved things latterly.

Or… look at High Output MC carts, such as the DV 10X or DV 20X series…?

I started with a DV 10X many years ago, then went to Linn Asak - then Asaka. I then swapped back to another 10X. I am still using a 10X, into Naim phono boards, in my NAC 82.


I would be very surprised in the Asaka is still A1, though I’d be pleased to hear that that is wrong.

Great MMs? Nagaoka, Ortofon, Roksan, Sumiko, Vertere, Linn (Adikt).

Great high output MCs? Dynavector.

If you decide that you are committed to a low output MC, there are lots of good choices - see other threads.

Step-up transformers? Graham Slee, Ortofon.

If you want to go beyond the MM boards you just bought, combining a good MC with a Prefix and Hicap is probably better than using a Linto (or your MM board and most step-ups).

Above that would be the Dynavector P75 mk 4 (great performance, flexibility and price), Graham Slee, Trilogy or the cheaper models from Tom Evans. Going up another rung to a Superline with Hicap or Supercap (or even more expensive options from Tom Evans or Linn) may be a step further than you need to go.

The chaps at Infidelity are very good, so I think that your first step will be asking them to play you an option or two. They have a Prefix S on offer right now, but my guess is that a high-output MC or a top MM with your Nait will be all you need for great music.


Ever the voice of reason and broad analysis.
Nice one @NickofWimbledon :blush:


Thanks Nick that really does give me some food for thought…


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