Getting started

I am just getting my new(er) downsized system up and running.
Naim Unity Atom+Amphion One speakers+Kimber 8tc.
I suspect my issue is the quality/strength? Of wifi.
My router/modem combo is a distance away from the Naim upstairs where the cable comes in from the street.

I am using a mesh extender. As endpoint with the Naim connected to it via CAT5.

I use Roon and Tidal. Roon not set up yet. Tidal via iPad controlling Naim plays music and sounds fine. The Naim screen is always black and white. No color with minimal Tidal info (song title).

The Naim will only respond via Bluetooth.

Hopefully my Roon with proper endpoint will resolve things.

Any help would be…well….helpful.

Does the mesh extender show the wifi strength on it? Have you connected to your wifi in the Atom?

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