Getting the best out of Muso 2nd Gen

I am on a family subscription so can access Tidal Masters…

So the Tidal website says this:

While TIDAL on iOS and Android can unfold part of the audio source natively, allowing for an enhanced listening experience by default, using a DAC will unlock its full potential and give you optimal performance.

Obviously I am not going to introduce a DAC but this seems to suggest that I might not be getting the best from my Muso2 by using the Tidal/Naim app from iPhone or iPad. I also have the Tidal desktop app on Windows 10.

I am also reading in another post that Naim does not support MQA (unless using Roon for example) -

Question is, how do I get the absolute best out of this device?

i like the idea of Roon for all its other capabilities but is it likely to make any difference to sound output from a Muso2?


Roon only performs the first MQA unfold with Naim, for the second unfold you would need a DAC that pays MQA’s ransom anyway.

You can find thousands of posts discussing the virtues-or-not of MQA by using the forum’s search function, but on a Mu-so it is probably all moot to begin with. The Mu-so is great for what it is, but it is a Mu-so.

Just use Tidal Hifi (not Plus) or Qobuz (whose hires is not consistently better, if at all, anyway)

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