Getting the most out of SuperUniti; confused newb

Hi! I am thinking about getting a used SuperUniti for my main system, which currently consists of separates (rf also my post about matching the SU with vintage rebuilt Tannoy Cheviots). I have read so much here about different options to get the full potential of the SU that my head is spinning dangerously.

Please help me to make sense of the many options.

I want to stream Tidal natively, no local storage, no server. The SU will be place level on a dedicated equipment table. Power for the SU will be from a dedicated mains line (home run to the circuit breaker, not shared with anything). LAN for the SU will be from a Netgear Switch wich is plugged into my Ethernet wall socket. My wife’s iMac is also plugged into that switch. The LAN socket is wired with CAT5e to a patch bay and another Netgear switch, which gets LAN from a cable router (fibre, 250/50 MBit/sec).

Am I all set?

Should I consider another switch (Cisco Catalyst 2960, but which one)?
Should I consider Ethernet regeneration (what does it actually do, which one)?
Anything else?

Looks like you are all set. Which speaker cable are you considering using? Naca5 is likely the best option.

With Tidal and a SuperUniti, the Netgear should be more than adequate. A Naim PowerLine is a nice upgrade for the SU at some point.

Or a Powerline Lite, bearing in mind what a used SuperUniti costs…



I’m not convinced the Lite is any better than a big standard lead. I certainly wouldn’t pay £99 for one. The proper PowerLine is a different kettle of fish altogether.

I have a Powerline lite that I was given free on my office Superuniti. I didn’t believe it would make any difference and to my great surprise it did. I got my wife to listen and she chose it with the Powerline lite over with the standard Naim power lead every time. She didn’t know what I was doing or why, so it was a blind test.

Anyway the main point is that the OP will be paying about ÂŁ1200 for a used SuperUniti (maybe a bit more if it has Bluetooth). So a full fat Powerline is a pretty costly upgrade to that and I think it would be a total waste of money personally.



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I am currently using Talk 3 cables with the Tannoy Cheviots. I also have NACA4 from my first Naim period (Nait 1, 42/90/SNAPS >> Kans, of course)

Either one is fine to use with the su.

I’ll look into that. When I was a Naimie a few decades ago I was brought up to be liebe that the power cord that comes with a piece of Naim equipment is the correct one. Period. No discussion. The times have been a changin’ …

I would just set up the Superuniti with the supplied Naim mains cable and your existing network. Use the NACA4, but make sure the soldered plugs are in good condition, or get them re-soldered. The old Naim right-angled plugs, if you have them, will fit the SU.
Once you have everything up and running, you can consider cable or network upgrades if you still feel the urge. Maybe try NACA5 if you see some for a good price, you can easily sell it on if you don’t think it’s worthwhile. Likewise, you could try a Powerline - personally I didn’t find it particularly worthwhile on a SU but you may find otherwise.

Naca4, exposure, talk 3, linn k20 … all quite similar and perfectly suitable, use whichever you prefer/best length (ideal 3 1/2 metres)

That’s exactly what I have, 3.5m :sunglasses:

OK, so everything surrounding the SU seems to be sorted, thanks to all involved! Would anyone care to comment on the Cheviots (in my other thread)? Not sure how to link that …

Sorry, my only experience of Tannoy is of PA systems. Not a particularly common speaker with Naim users, but don’t let that put you off.

Should be fine, the su is gutsy and i think will drive them happily.

Totally agree. I ran my old SU on a Lite for a couple of months, having done head to head comparisons with the full fat version and standard lead. Great improvement over standard, not as good as full fat, but not far short.
I now run my Atom with a Lite, which again proved to be demonstrably better than standard power lead. The original Powerlines are, without a doubt, superb, but I certainly wouldn’t spend six times more than the Lite on a s/h SuperUniti upgrade. The PL Lite is a good lead.

I used a PL Lite on my UnitiQute for a couple of months whilst awaiting delivery of an Atom. It was, for me, a significant improvement over the stock power lead.


Will try once a used one comes up.