Getting the original VRN on a classic vehicle

I’m nearing the end of my Lambretta build and would love to get it back on its original VRN.

I know the plate it got registered with (as I have it in person) but have no log book or old MOTs to match the plate with the engine / frame number.

I have an “ageing certificate” from Lambretta Club of Great Britain but the guy who had the scooter before name tried to use this to apply for the original plate but the DVLA said “not enough information”.

It’s a 1959 Lambretta and after a bit of digging I’ve identified it was registered in Glamorgan (as the VRN ends in “BTG” which was their area code in the 50s / 60s)

Anyone have any ideas as to what my best course of action is please?

Have you tried theDVLA site. Get in touch with them and they might be able to help you.

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Don’t know if this is still applicable, but several years ago, I put a private number plate on my car, then a year later took it off, and the DVLA defaulted its reg to its original Reg. So you may have no issues


Cant assist with the question but I am interested in tbe scooter? I assume its a series 1, poss a 2 if late 59? Italian built? Any pics?
Sorry , scooter nut here.

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I’ve done this several times for motorcycles and the DVLA are very strict now, thanks to persistent cloning by the classic car fraternity, sometimes in collusion with owners’ clubs. Basically you need something that ties the frame number to the VRN - as far as the DVLA is concerned the frame number is the source of vehicle identity. The main way is to have the old log book, even the cardboard one will do. It’s worth checking the DVLA database as if they have it listed you can get a new log book for £25 - Google DVLA vehicle check.
Failing that, there is an outside chance that the issuing authority recorded the frame number when it was first registered. The only other chance would be if the Lambretta Club has a register and your scooter is listed on it - works for Rudges. Otherwise you will have to settle for an age related plate.


Scoot is '59 Frame-breather - it’s being completely rebuild and adorned with period chrome accessories but it won’t be a “mod” style. Originally a 125cc but now a 196cc.

I’ll do a separate thread although there are some pics on the Bike thread.

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Update - called the DVLA this morning and the plate is on their skeleton archive and still available for release with the correct documentation completed :slight_smile:

I’ve got someone at the archives looking for some link from the original registration to the frame number from way back in '59 so fingers crossed.

I’ll update how I get on but thanks for everyone’s input.


The owners club should be familiar with this sort of thing and should be able to support your application.

I face a similar issue with the Fordson Dexta I’m restoring, if I want to get it registered for the road.

Ooooh nice…my Dad used to drive one of these on the farm back in the day. Very cool.

In summary you need to complete a v765 and a V55/5 if its been registered before.

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