Getting the same music in sync in a Welsh long house /old farm house and converted stables

Have bought a mu so 2nd gen for a pal who has been kind to me over the years the challenge I have set myself is to have this facing out to the patio and with a
Lounge library and kitchen in sequence have the same music in from refurb second hand kit my old kit in each room
Is this possible any tips on mixed gear Ethernet wi fi. Mains wiring use etc?

Yup, perfectly possible; if each room is fronted by a Naim streamer then you can run the streamers in multi-room mode all in sync via the Naim App. Just be sure your network can handle it though. A switch and wired ethernet is probably best here.

Ideally you should run Ethernet cables to each location to ensure a reliable connection. WiFi may work, but it will depend on the distances involved and other environmental factors. I would avoid “Ethernet over mains”.
If you want a multiroom setup where several systems all play in sync, these are always proprietary. You would need all Naim devices to use Naim’s multiroom. A cheaper option might be to use AirPlay which can group any compatible devices together regardless of brand, as long as they all support AirPlay. You could do something similar with Chromecast or (at a price) Roon but all this will depend on what devices you want to use.

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