Ghosts files.. see them in the app but can't find them on my PC files

Why is it (please) that I can see an album/ artist on my app and play it, but can’t find the same file on my PC Dowload/ Music rip files? Where does it hide?

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Your files could be anywhere as your music server does not respect folder structures. On your PC you could download mp3tag which can display the folder path and allow you to find the folder.

Hi Pete,
First of all, have you looked in the ‘Unknown’ folder? If you had to manually add the metadata the app will put it there even so it shows up correctly on the app. The folders in there are shown as a combination of numbers and letters but at least the last one is the newest one.
Secondly, the tagging by Naim leaves a lot to be desired!!! My advice is to get a program called PerfectTunes from dBpoweramp. It lets you correct the tagging easily.
Thirdly, this program finds quality images and EMBEDS them into the individual files whilst Naim just put them once in the folder meaning if you move a single file to a different device you not get the image with it.
Lastly, the tagging by Naim is a disgrace as the store this info in one of the files added to each folder basically meaning it is useless should you want the library to a NAS (what I have done). I spent nearly two months to sort the mess!!
I have a Core and about 1900 CD’s. I hope this helps.

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THnak you Bru. I will loook into this. I am trying to make sens of all this and I can’t find a logic into it mois of the time. As an example, This AM I was trying to put all my Xmas albums into one folder. So I opened a new folder I called…well… Xmas… (in my xplorer download file). I took my albums and cut and pasted in the Xmas folder. Nothing changes, they all stay where they are??? I went to look into the proprerties of each file and their names appear right.
One would think this should be easy right. I feel when I look in the file proprerties thgere aother information that may not be appearing. Maybe that is when a Perfecttunes or MP3Tag comes to the rescue right?
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THXS Spile!

Bru I have downloaded PerfectTunes and cleaned the artwork part of it. Now I wish to manage my folders. How do I include my files and folders, which are available in my Windows Explorer under my IP adress, into the “ID tags” section. Should I copy or cut my whole folders into the Windows “music” section?

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