Gibbos 80th!

This evening 80 years ago 617 Squadron ‘The Dambusters’ took off on their historic raid on the Dams of the Rhur.
It was intended to deal a massive blow to the Rhurs water supply a mission that cost 8 aircraft and 53 crew (a40% loss rate). sadly among the dead on the ground were 1500 slave labourers and the Dams were back to normal in4 months.
My Father served in Gibsons previous Squadron 106 but was deemed to important to do so (he was a radio instructor)
Ill be settling down later to watch my blu ray copy of the film.


There was an interview on R4 this morning with the Squadron’s last survivor, ( I think) who is 100yrs old. He joined after the raid but was involved in the special target raids in France ahead of D Day, which the Squadron specialised in. He was interesting to listen to.

Scary to think it only happened 15 years before I was born.

Tonight’s route.

Dad was ground crew at 617 at the time of the raid.

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I’ve edited and moderated. I think it’s best to stick with discussing the actual events and the people involved rather than fixating over other things that aren’t particularly relevant. Thanks.

Barnes Wallis went to my school and I recall he came to give a talk to us sometime in the 70s. I recall it being vaguely interesting at the time but cannot remember a single thing now.

Some stuff about elasticity, backspin and angular momentum I imagine. Oh and rigidity of geometric structures.

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A good book for what actually happened that night and the weeks leading up to it try
Operation Chastise’ by Sir Max Hastings not everything in the original book by Paul Brikhill or the film was true

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