Gigawatt G-C16A circuit breaker

Just installed this circuit breaker on my audio group. Does it need to “break in” and does anyone have experience with how long this takes?

Roughly five years to fully break in.

It’ll improve over the first three years, Sound awful for part of the fourth year before reaching peak performance just before the fifth year of use.

Worth the wait though :flushed:


Only a GigaWatt? Why not a TeraWatt? In for a penny, in for a pound and all that…

if at all, maybe 24 hours.

Not sure if your sarcastic or not :smile:

I have one on order too, along with a Doepke RCD. From what I understand, they can take some time before they are at their best. I generally leave any new item, be it electronics, cable, speakers or whatever on a play loop 24/7 for about 7 days before making a judgement. I would be interested to hear you findings once it has settled in.

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Will use your strategy of 7 days as well. I’ll report my findings here also.

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I think he is. So was I, for that matter!

We are now a few days in and I believe the Gigawatt circuit breaker sounds more analog, perhaps a bit warmer but at the same time also less perceived clarity. The bass seems rounder but less punchy. Overall maybe a tad easier to listen to but I’m actually not sure if an improvement. There seem to be slightly more details and sometimes I imagine the music plays a bit faster.
Anyone here with this breaker who experienced the same?

I have been switching back and forth with my other audio group that is without the Gigawatt CB. I actually do think the Gigawatt sounds better now. I could swear the music plays a bit faster, maybe because some of the details are more pronounced.
The clarity and punch difference that I thought to hear before is gone now. Perhaps it was in my imagination or my system just had an off day yesterday. My system definitely has good days and bad days.

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