Gik impression panel's

Anybody using the 100mm impression panel’s behind their speakers wall mounted if you are what do you think.?

In my previous room/home, I used a pair of them, mine were the larger, rectangular ones with the wavy leaves shape on them. I bought them for a couple of reasons, to give some diffusion, as well as absorption.

My speakers are Duevel Venus omni’s, and I needed to have them a bit closer to the wall behind them than would be normally ideal. They worked very well in this instance. I played around quite a bit with positioning of them at first, then once satisfied, I mounted them more permanently.

Talk to GIK, they can help with recommending the right ones for your application. They are very responsive. And the pricing really is decent. I was not quite as impressed on the build in comparison to other brands, but again, they were not as pricey either.

OK thanks, what other brands are out their that look decent do you know of any.?

Vicoustic I believe is another very nice brand with similar wood finishes and features. If you google acoustic panels, you should get some good hits. Have fun, enjoy your music!

Had recently 6 Artnovion Avalon Flow panels mounted on the wall behind my speakers. 180x120 cm.
Works fantastic, can highly recommend them. Looks great too.

Are they expensive are where are they available.

They were something like €250 per panel, so €1500 in total. Seems like a lot of many for 6 wooden panels with acoustic stuff but it was one of the best upgrades I ever did. Always had a problem with soundstage and focus, never could get it sound like my Naim stuff sounds at the dealer. Probably due to my living room, hard walls with almost nothing on them, hard laminate floor, etc. Put these panels up and now I can really hear how great my Naim setup sounds. Its said here before I think, and I fully agree, room acoustics are essential!
Don’t know where you are based but Artnovion has distributors throughout Europe. Check there website.

Hi any chance of putting up a photo of your panel’s I might be interested.

Sure, no problem.


Very nice setup did very nice panels.

A pic of my GIK panels in my former living room system.


What type of speakers are you using? I spoke to Luca recently when ordering mine and he said that you should use absorption behind speakers in most circumstances - diffusion behind speakers is more suitable with omnidirectional speakers according the the research I did. If you are planning to use them in the centre then things might be different. I have used 244 bass traps (slightly thicker but not by much) 2 x 600mm x 600mm behind the speakers and 2 x 300mm x 1200mm in the corners. I have not tried them separately but I can tell you that the overall effect is a transformation - like a speaker change/upgrade but a fraction of the price and in a room without any obvious acoustic difficulties.

Having said that I really do like the look of the Impression panels with the wooden fronts - they look like modern art to my eyes. They are perhaps most suited to first reflection points or on the rear wall. As said above, contact Luca at GIK and he will advise you.

What method did you use to mount the panels to your wall? Is it a solid wall?

Sneakypete, which Sonus Faber speakers are those? They look very nice.

My walls were typical drywall/wallboard, Americana at its worst, so nothing solid. I popped a couple toggle style wallboard anchors in and the back of the panels came with z-style picture type mounts. I have used this method for a long time for various heavier items, seems to work just fine.

Many thanks - are these fixing easily removable if required?

Not without doing a little drywall repair. They typically leave a hole about 3/8", once you pull the small screw/bolt out and punch the toggle back into the wall. An easy fix if you are careful, some spackling compound and a touch of paint!

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Olympica III. Very happy with them.

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