Ginger Baker fans HEADS UP

Tonight (Sunday, 5 May) at 10:00pm on BBC 4 - ‘Beware of Mr Baker’, a 90 minute documentary on the ups and downs in the life of the great drummer.


Excellent documentary and while Ginger’s drumming ability and his influence is unquestionable he has had his fair share of controversy in his career.

Well worth a watch :+1:

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Not an enjoyable watch in many ways.

Brilliant documentary, great footage especially the Fela Kuti clips. As a drummer Ginger was unquestionable gifted as a person he is something else.

Finding this on the iplayer was not easy but it is there and well worth seeking out.

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It’s on I-Player? F**ked if I can find it. Any clues as to where/what to search for??

@ Svetty Yes it is a challenge go to the search option on the top line and type in Ginger Baker then underneath it should come up with ‘imagine…’ hit that and to the right you should see it.

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Good doc, fantastic drummer, complex person…well worth the watch.

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Superb doco.
Amazing drummer.
I had no idea he had been involved with Fela Kuti, or PIL…

There is an album of stuff with Fela and Ginger that is worth checking out.

In terms of the album called ‘Album’ by PIL - Bill Laswell put together a super-super group of musicians to support Lydon:-

Bernard Fowler – backing vocals
Nicky Skopelitis - guitar
Steve Vai - guitar
Ryuichi Sakamoto - keyboards
Bernie Worrell - organ
Jonas Hellborg - bass
Tony Williams - drums
Bill Laswell -bass
and Ginger Baker - drums

  • what a band!
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I’ve got that PIL album on vinyl - but never looked to see who was playing drums on it - Tony Williams and Ginger - amazing drummers.
but I’ve never liked the album…

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