Give it a listen

I’m not certain how many of you outside of the US get a chance to hear something thats truly Americana.
The music is classified as "Bluegrass " and has a sound that can draw you in.
Here are a few for you to sample.
String Cheese Incident ( They cover Pink Floyd)
Leftover Salmon ( Bob Dylan’s A Simple Twist …)
Please let me know what you think.

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Some Bluegrass gets played with Country and some musicians tour on the Folk circuit. Abigail Washburn I’ve seen a couple of times. But generally it is a minority interest.

Ray Davies has a couple of Americana albums. The music of John Fahey has become better known in recent years. I came to him from listening to She plays clawhammer on guitar.

I’ll listen to your links later!

Google Spoon Lady

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Folk Alley radio has gotten me into a load of this stuff. Especially liking banjo.

Without listening to this radio station, and others, whilst working away I’d never have discovered the likes of Kaia Kater (as an example).

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