Glass shelf no 1

At last my green tinted glass shelf has arrived, complete with Fraim balls and cups
Only a matter of weeks before the rest arrive

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If it helps, this is where the cups and balls sit on Fraim. Your glass looks a little large to me.


I went for domes, to stop my units rolling on the shelfs/desks.


Ok all moved to the correct position
Many thanks for that
10mm Green tint…does look nice, shame its slightly bigger than it should be


Don’t know that your glass is necessarily too big, based on its width v the Naim black box.

Unless you have used a router to create a fixed position for the cups, it may just be a case of moving them outwards to create positioning similar to that of Fraim. :wink:

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It may not be too big, it just looks like it. Maybe the black box is set back from the front. I always have my boxes exactly aligned with the front edge of the glass, which sounds and looks best to me.

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Why glass shelf? Is it better than woods?

I have followed advice from others, but I do know that it will make a big difference to sound travelling through the wooden base into the machine, I tried it under my turntable and again it does make a massive difference with sound NOT travelling into the turntable and getting picked up by the cartridge. Maybe someone could advise what the glass does sonically.

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One thing glass may do, is ring at various resonant frequencies - anyone tried to see if it works better with a bituminous damping pad or coating? Mind you, I have an aluminium shelf under one amp, 1cm thick, and I thought it would ring but the weight of the amp with its four feet damps it well.

This is toughened 10mm

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