Glastonbury 2019

I’ve just downloaded an a Glastonbury App onto my iPhone which gives an hour by hour line up on all of the stages. Headliners on the Pyramid stage are Stormzy on Friday, the Killers on Saturday and The Cure on Sunday of the three I think I’ll definetly watch The Killers I’ve seen them live a coulple of times and they are great to watch, Stormzy just isn’t my cup of tea and as much as I liked The Cure and still do I’m not sure how they’ll come across.
Scanning the line up quickly Christine & The Queens, Fatouma Diawara, Holly Cook and The Streets stand out for me especially The Streets but not much else really.
Well who are you looking forward too if anybody and also who have been the stand out acts for you at past Glastonburys?

Best Glastonbury sets from the past well my first Glastonbury was 1986 The Cure and Black Uhuru where fantastic. My next actual visit was 1993 and I remember Stereo Mc’s, The Orb and Jamiroquai where all very good the band I wanted to see but missed where The Black Crowes. I went again in 1994 and Paul Weller was just electric I missed Oasis and spent lots of time lost and looking for people and never went back.
Of the sets I’ve seen on TV Muse, The Killers, Bjork, Bobby Womack, Coldplay where all very good but probably my favourite TV performance was The Artic Monkeys can’t remember the year though.

My first Glastonbury was around 1980. It cost £8.50. No fences, they just came round and stamped your hand. One stage and a few thousand hippies. I remember seeing Gong, Roy Harper and Hawkwind. New Order headlined the Saturday night, an indication that it was beginning its transformation from its hippy origins into the corporate behemoth it has now become. Ginger Baker was on before headliner Roy Harper on the Friday evening. The cantankerous Baker played well beyond his allotted time. Roy Harper came on to the stage and started dismantling his equipment, resulting in an onstage punch-up. I saw Baker the next morning, sitting by the side of a track with a cracker of a black eye.

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Great story Babaluma. By the time I first went at 16 years old in 1986 it was already huge by the time I went back in 1993 it was gigantic the following year was my last and best for music but the size and atmosphere just wasn’t for me.
Having said that I do really enjoy the live coverage every year

I haven’t been to Glastonbury since September 19 1970 when if memory serves me right (well it was during my misspent youth) when I saw bands like T-Rex, Quintessence and folkies like Al Stewart The festival was somewhat subdued due to news of events that happened the previous day. Never been back since, but from TV coverage think Florence and the Machine grabbed their chance well and regret not seeing Bruce Springstein, Neil Young and the Stones doing their headline slots

Lucky you. Wasn’t that the original Glastonbury Fayre that was filmed (by Nicholas Roeg)?
I don’t think the festival actually took place again after that until it was revived round about 1979.
Yeah Bob, I wouldn’t go anywhere near it now. Crowds that size would freak me out. Much prefer to watch it from the comfort of my own living room and not have to share a loo with 150,000 other people.

Just watched BCUC on West Holts a South African band absolutely brilliant.

Watching Jorga Smith again on the West Holts Stage a great young British singer.

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Dagnabbit, that Stormzy set was one of the worst things I have ever seen :anguished:


My niece is there and I asked my sister who was headlining and she mentioned Stormzy who I have never heard of - now I’m a person that prides themselves on knowing everything about popular music from Peters and Lee to Einstürzende Neubauten - time to hang up my headphones I think.

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After a hot day on site, several ice cold San Miguels and a large homemade Paneer & Pea curry I was comotosed whist Stormzy was performing. I must say though I did find him a strange choice to headline the main stage I remember his headline set on one of the other stages a couple of years back was very underwhelming but then perhaps I’m not supposed to ‘get’ Stormzy, after all the older members of his audience are probably half my age.

Sounds like a bit of a Stormzy in a teacup!

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Just watched Michael Kiwanuka on catch up…very good

Saw him at the Albert Hall in Manchester a while back he was sensational



Oh dear. :man_shrugging:

I meant a building site not the festival those days are well and truly over.

Can’t really see the problem with Stormzy. I’m just hearing the sound of middle aged men scared to really explore new music and leave their comfort zone. Just shoot me if I’m ever in danger of becoming that person. It was a great, powerful set from beginning to end and all the more powerful for who else he had on stage with him. The guy seems unlikely to fall into the Kanye trap of “me”. He’s all about the “us” and if it doesn’t resonate then you’re possibly part of the “them” not that Stormzy has a “them”.

Had a great set list; fantastic set; significant guests; powerful message; some outstanding lyrics and didn’t patronise his audience with an encore. Said much that most of the crowd were white; middle aged and knew the words. If only that open-mindedness were here sometimes.


Mike if people don’t like a type of music they don’t like a type of music it’s as simple as that I think.
I really enjoyed the Jorga Smith set because I love soul music but I just don’t enjoy Stormzy’s brand of music in the same way I don’t like classical or death metal nothing to do with being middle aged, white, green or having a closed mind.
My other half on the other hand like you really enjoyed Stormzy and I’m happy for both of you.


I don’t think anything Stormzy does is new, it’s just becoming more mainstream and how mainstream music evolves. I didn’t like him at all. Probably a sign of aging.

Watching on freesat hd, anybody know how to listen in 5.1? I have a pc capable of 5.1 linked to Hi-Fi too for iplayer. I am only seeing Dolby digital in stereo.


Jonathan. Enjoying Jonny marr’s set on bbc4

Just watching Janet Jackson and its awful, miming and poor sound production

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