Glastonbury 2022

Don’t know about anyone else but I’m already getting in the mood with the BBC Glastonbury channel going live today. Hopefully their coverage will be good this year. Some gems in the lineup and it’s nice and diverse, should be plenty for everyone.


Always enjoyed Glastonbury at home. This year we get to go on Sunday (locals ticket) for the first time ever at 63 and 64 respectively. It’s gonna be a long day.


The TV is going to get a hammering this weekend.

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FYI… the iPlayer will be showing sets on the Pyramid stage in UHD!

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Do you know if that’s the case with the Glastonbury channel already? Think my TV and fire stick maybe too old

I don’t believe so, I read it as just the Pyramid Stage sets were being shown in UHD… providing you have a 4k TV of course.

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Live coverage starts on iPlayer at 1:45pm.

Toby, are you going to project Glastonbury onto the inside of your tent, have the sound really loud, and sleep in it at night?

This is handy

:smiley: … hey Mel C’s just landed.

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I’m fairly sure that iPlayer on the firestick doesn’t do UHD. Or on a Sky Q box.

Yes I thought so :+1:

Don’t forget the garden sprayer for that full experience.

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…and some random Rizla papers, blue, lying around.

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Loved Wolf Alice … saw them in 2014 and they rocked.


Sounds like they had quite the journey getting there too!

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Planty and Alison absolutely tearing it up, at the mo’.


It is much easier just changing the channel on iPlayer than running about the site.

Not sure whether this is what you mean, but I’ve found the page on the Glasto site which shows the six live broadcasts taking place?

I am getting it all via iPlayer on Freesat, I guess however you access iPlayer, you will get the same feeds.
The BBC coverage of Glastonbury is one of the many reasons why the TV licence fee in the UK is such good value for money.