Glen Campbell - What a talent

Just watching a documentary about Glen and his last tour, undertaken when he was suffering from alzheimers. Sad but very uplifting at the same time. Many who loved his hits Witchita Lineman, By the time I get to Phoenix etc don’t realise what a fantastic musician he was, being a member of the legendary group of session musicians know as the Wrecking Crew. They played on literally hundreds of hits from the 60’s. A great talent sadly missed.


He did a great album with Bobby Gentry, which showed a great blend of voices and talent.


Glen played in a movie with John Wayne “True Grit.”


So many teenage memories, & remember watching him with John Wayne with my dad, who was a huge Wayne fan. I still play Glen’s music now :pensive:


Wichita Lineman is not only in my desert island disks, but when they ask at the end of the program which record I’d pull from the waves if I could save just one, it’d be that one….

…a slightly colourful way of saying it’s my favourite record of all time.


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