Glenn Croft

Glenn Croft has died. I owned a Croft pre and power amp back in the 80’s and Glenn rebuilt my Leak amps to make them the best sounding units I’ve heard. A wizard with valves, sad news.


I have had the pleasure of running a Croft Series 3 amplifier for about 6 years now with my Quad 57 ELS speakers and it sounds amazing. Living in York it was a relatively short drive to Scarborough to take the amp to Glenn to sort out any issues. He was always really brilliant in his care for this old equipment. The transformer blew on the amp and Glenn rather than me having to spend £700 getting the transformer rewound put 4 toroidal transformers onto the amplifier and charged me £250 pounds for the whole job and it sounded better than before the transformer blew up! He was that sort of guy. I really hope my amp does carry on for many years to come. Glen just fitted a new set of output valves for me about 6 months ago so these should last 12-14 years with a bit of luck.


I never met, him, but corresponded with him. An old school gent with a fascination with sound amplification.

I knew these amps in the 80s too, maybe it would be nice if this was in the HiFi area?

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