Global warming


I guess you friend hasn’t understood the full story about global warming. It is not only about increasing temperatures globally (that is there might be someplaces (which must not be your own) in the world that face higher temperatures while others don’t) but also about a increased probability of exceptional weather conditions. That is, -33°C in Minneapolis does fit into understanding of global warming provided this is a not normal winter temperature in Minneapolis.



You are completely misunderstanding my post, it was a light hearted joke. And although unusual, -33’c is not unheard of in Minneapolis



I may. Thus neglect my comment as the joke wasn’t visible to me.



The joke was very obvious (visible) so I’m guessing you are not a native English speaker. Where in the world do you stay ???



The contribution to climate change in terms of carbon footprint. The higher the number the worse the contributor. We are not too bad, but could still do better. That said our impact is likely to negligible in the grand scheme of things,

Nonetheless, using an Ecotricity powered electric car, becoming more energy self sufficient, buying local goods and services, travelling less especially by aircraft and having fewer children will help. The last of these is now recognised as being the most effective.

Even sport can play its part (please click)



Agreed re practises do help.

The carbon footprint per country is not a reliable indicator of who or what is demanding carbon, due to exports and multi-national corps - ‘per GDP’ or ‘per capita’ are a better indicators.

Latest dev in car ownership (don’t see why this model will not extend to white good and electricals in the home- especially if the suppliers takes care of re-cycling) -



Long time passing by for a direct answer. One reason: I got ill, another: I wasn’t sure if I should.

Let me try to sort some things out. When I (or somebody else) expresses that a joke hasn’t been obvious (thanks for this hint) to me (/him) then this is a non-questionable view while simultaneouly being of not more or less value than your view (or, again another guy).
No, I’m not a native English speaker, and thus I was struggeling with yout wording “…but can’t mention the orange one without reference to his anal gland”, for which I have a full understanding of each single word but on this particular combination (meanwhile my understanding increased, but still not sure about). Additionally, phrases like “can spare a bit of that global warming stuff, please send it over his way” are used by climate change sceptics. Thus, not obivious for me.
This is an international Naim forum where you can never be sure how others will receive your posts, and, of course, I’m not free from that risk as well. With my last one I opened the door (or at least I tried) by asking for neglecting it, but instead I get an answer that is calling me stupid and a question with three questions marks. So, I wasn’t sure if I should answer at all - you see, I did.



I’m happy you did answer, hope you feel better.
Let me help sort things out.
First the “joke” part: I was talking to an old friend in Minneapolis, he is a very strong Republican (political party) but unusually for a Republican one that hates Trump, he calls him ‘the orange one’ & usually adds ‘anal gland’ as a more polite word for what he really means.
At the time of our conversation the temperature in Minneapolis was -33’C, an unusually low temperature for the area, but they do get lower. In remarking about the cold he was experiencing, he jokingly said, if you have any of that global warming can I please send it over to him.

To be serious about global warming: I was using the word “global warming” before many on the planet had heard of the phase. In the mid/late 1970’s, the refrigeration industry was identified as a contributor to the cause in the reduction of the ozone layer. I became involved through my work in the refrigeration industry & was appointed an adviser to UK government, then following in Europe, with legislation & working practices with CFC’s. That led in time to the same for HCFC, HFC & finally the introduction of HFO.

Outside my work (now retired) I am actively involved in various wildlife/nature programs & see first hand the effects of global warming, now more popularly called climate change.

I hope this helped explain for you.



I think the virus is on the way down - thanks. And thanks for your answer.

With respect to CFC bann, initiated by Montreal protocol, I was wondering why this working out for a widely used chemical product group in the late 80’s while today it seems impossible to focus on one.
Is it just twitter? I’m sure (don’t remember in detail) that for CFC there were already lobbyists preaching the approaching end of the world if one should actually ban these substances. Or small groups of self-declared last hero scientists explaining the world that 98% of their colleagues are wrong. Today they get an unbelievable attention under the flag of diversity and impartiality.
Actually sometimes a false flag when I consider latest discussion here in Germany on NOx-limits, during which a professor walked through several talks shows, interviews etc despite the fact he did never research on this topic - and recently some jounalists revealed that even proper application of mathematical rule of three seems to be beyond his intelectual capabilities; and his line of reasoning collapsed.



Yes indeed, I remember those self proclaimed expert alternative thinkers with more theories than could be counted on why they alone were right & everything else was wrong. This was all despite the irrefutable evidence with proven analysis of how the chlorine atom attached to & destroyed ozone.
Now we have a new irrefutable proof denier, an orange sprayed person with more hair on his head than brains inside it is telling us climate change is not happening.

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But he’s smart, he told us so himself, so anything else must be fake news.

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Smart? I’m afraid you’ve misunderstood. He’s “a very stable genius!”



Hi Mike -

Thanks for the thoughts, and sorry for the long delay in replying! Was down for a couple of weeks with a nasty upper respiratory infection, and then traveling on business this past week. Zero time for music, and even less for keeping up with the forum. :frowning_face:

It has been quite a harsh winter. The cold snap was ridiculous, as was the amount of snow we’ve had since it ended. Living on a city lot, we have no more room to pile it up. My driveway feels like a tunnel, with five foot tall walls of snow on both sides. Really hoping it stays dry for a while, so some of the snow can compact and/or evaporate.

This is the first weekend in a month where I will have time for some tunes. Really looking forward to it. Hope all is well with you!





Hi Hook, welcome back & hope the health is 100% now.
Yup I’m good, firing on all cylinders, just not in the right order sometimes


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