A highly entertaining game. Yes, the Bucs defence won the game, but you have to give credit to “Tom’s Crew” for putting points on the board.

It wasn’t a classic game from a pure skills perspective IMV (see on) but had immense drama and, as you say, Brady seems to make the right choices at the right time - plus he’s now being allowed to throw a long ball, which wasn’t the case at the Pats in the latter years.

KC seemed to suffer from a case of butter fingers across the team and you could see the disappointment in the faces of the likes of Kelce, Hill and others. Had a couple of the catches been made in the EZ, which would have had the pundits eulogising further about Mahomes, as he was throwing from the near horizontal at one point, the game could have been far more tense.

The above said, I agree the MVP should have gone to the voracious Buc’s defence, who stayed very tight all evening, without giving up meaningful penalties. To my mind they were the key difference maker in the game.


Exactly, the Buc’s defense won the game, not Brady. But Brady gets all the credit.

Agreed, Todd Bowles’s Bucs D deserves all the credit, they totally stifled any chance of a long game. And no Super Bowl would have been complete without a streaker in a hot pink body thong bolting down midfield…he made it all the way to the end zone.

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So now the dust has settled following his victory in the Superb Owl, Tom Brady (alias The Goat) has announced that he has signed for the Buccaneers past his 45th birthday (he’s 43 at the moment). “In pursuit of eight,” said Brady on social media.

I’m not going in for any Brady Bashing (which seems to be a popular pastime in some quarters), but is it a good idea? Time catches up with every sportsman, even when you’re one of the greats.
Drew Brees has just announced his retirement from the Saints. Should Brady (who’s older) have taken a leaf out of Brees’ book and retired while still at the top? He obviously has a lot of confidence in the Buccs team and organisation, but are they really good enough to retain the title?

Tom keeps in great shape and is smart enough to get rid of the ball before getting hit by defensemen. He makes $50 million a year with the Bucs and his wife make more money a year then he does. I don’t think he does it for the money but to prove to all the nay sayers he is the Greatest Of All Time.

I wish him nothing but success and hope he doesn’t get killed or seriously injured in his pursuit for perfection and glory.

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I think Brees had some quite nasty injuries this year, which may have influenced his decision and perhaps that of the Saints?

With TB, some thought the Patriots’ travails were, in part, down to him (speed/accuracy/decision-making/inability to throw the longer ball) but …they were wrong, in spades. I think Bruce Arians commented that the Patriots restricted him as, for whatever reasons (budget cap?), they didn’t have vertical threat, which the Bucc’s do. Plus, as proven in the play-offs & SB, the Bucc’s leveraged their running game - and it’s clear you need an all-round game to win the SB - unless you are the Chiefs, who often have a scrambling QB as their RB!

I’m looking forward to seeing if the Bucc’s and TB perform well again, or whether 2021 was just one of those fantasy campaigns. Considering how many times KCC dropped catchable passes in the SB, fate was on the side of the Bucc’s.

The one I have concern for is Mahomes, as he took some wallops in the last campaign.


I think an important incentive for Tom to keep it goin a couple more years is to show that his TB12 method of diet really works. TB12 Sports is probably his biggest business venture and no better advertising than winning a SB.

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KC has signed guards Joe Thuney and Kyle Long. Their offensive line should be better next year.

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