Going back to the original XS Integrated?

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I’ve been using an XS2 (70w) for a little while now and there is something about it that doesn’t quite do it for me. I had posted a query some time ago on the comparing the original XS to the XS2 (70w). At the time I had my original XS, I used it briefly with a Flatcap 2. And, even though it did improve the sound with regards to bass depth, possible separation and refinement. What I found is that it lost the possible earthy or organic nature that it seems to have when used by itself. Has anyone else experienced this and prefer the original XS as a stand alone? My source is the CD5i-2, with Naim Lavender DIN, stock AC cords and NACA5. Speakers are Vandy 2CE Signature. Basically, I’m seriously considering swapping my XS2 for an original XS. I just really enjoyed the symmetry the XS had with the 5i2 and 2CE’s.

Have you thought of getting a CD5x or XS in place of your 5i? That would be a much better match with either Nait XS. It’s entirely possible that the better XS is showing up the 5i a bit more. Differences between the XS and XS2 amplifiers is at the margins whereas that between the CD players is more significant and fundamental to communication of the music.

I think I have a slight preference for the original XS compared to the XS2. I mentioned it in this thread


I don’t think there is much in it and it may just fall to preference rather than one being unequivocally better than the other. In the above thread I also posted my findings with a Flatcap XS, which although not a huge upgrade, I definitely preferred over the bare XS. It took what the XS did and tastefully added a bit of colour, vibrancy and interest to the music

I used to have a CD5x before getting the CD5i2. The 5x sounded good, but it seemed slightly analytical to me and didn’t have the musicality of the 5i2… to my ears anyway. Now, adding a flatcap to the 5x may be a different story, but my budget didn’t allow for this. My comparison of the CD5x to the CD5i2 is similar to my comparison of the original XS vs XS2. The CD5x and XS2 are units that are more refined and resolved. Yes, both still have PRAT, but to my ears there isn’t that “boogie-factor” or as Allan P said in his attached post above, "

I agree. Both are excellent integrated amps. It’s just a matter if which one you ear prefers.

I like the french quote you used to describe the subjective characteristics… “joie de vivre” or “joy of living.” Like it original XS is just going with the flow.

I think you’ll find that Naim has become a whole lot more expensive and boring at the same time. This seems to have been the trend…since the olive era, and from when they stopped making loudspeakers.

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If it works out cheaper to get in an original XS instead of swapping out all the other gear to find your sound. Seems logical.

Since the Nait 1, surely :wink:

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Does that include your current Naim set up?

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Speaking of CD players, has anyone done a side-by-side comparison of the CD5si vs. CD5i-2?

What are the sonic differences?

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