Gold Note A6 Evo, first impressions

Recently changed my Focal 926 for a set of Gold Note A6 Evo and thought I’d share some first impressions now that they’ve started to run in.

The A6 are designed for small to medium rooms and ideal for placing close to back and side walls which is useful in my room. They are smallish floor standers, beautifully made and finished with three speakers on the front and an internal woofer pointing downwards.

The focal were easy to describe, quite forward in presentation, good bass, bright treble but a little wearing perhaps with my system after a prolonged ,listen. The Gold Notes are very different and more difficult to describe. If I had to pick a word it would be ‘musical’. Neither bass nor treble stands out unless it does on the track but the music flows beautifully and is really enjoyable to listen to putting the focus on the recording rather than the system. There is lots of detail if you listen for it but it’s now forced upon you and the soundstage is wide but not overly so.

I’ve not seen much on the web about Gold Note but I can heartily recommend with Naim gear is the music is where you interest is.


:small_blue_diamond:@dayjay,…Fun to read,.a friend is distributor for Gold Note in Sweden,.and former Naim-retailer.I talked to him earlier today.
I have to show him your post :wink:.


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They certainly are beauties, to my eye. Lovely casing. I’ve never heard/of them - must look them up.

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