Goldring 1042/Stageline N

Hi, I am looking to buy a new cartridge, does anyone have any experience with a Goldring 1042 into a Stageline N? I have the Stageline into Aux1 input on my Nait XS. Nagaoka MP200 is the other choice.


I don’t have experience of it into a Stageline but I do have a Reson Mica (a tweaked Goldring) and it has both lasted years and years as well as sounds fabulous.

The Stageline is pretty good. You have to spend twice as much to get a significant (audible) improvement.

Given the wide range of performance that the Stageline offers, depending on which of the numerous different ways if powering it you choose, I’m not sure that statement is quite as informative as you no doubt intended.

Reson Reca (a cartridge derived from 1042) into a Stageline N powered by a Supercap non DR: I’ve loved this combo (on a Rega RP10).

Ooh, interested in this too. Vaguely thinking about a future upgrade to an XS or early Supernait, with the issue of phono support.

I currently use a Nait 3 with MM boards and 1012 (1042 replacement stylus inbound), sounds great, but nothing to compare it to since the Nait replaced a Technics amp some 20 years ago. If it helps the Nait & MM board sounds better than the Technics SU V470 did :wink:

I have Golding 1042 on an old AR EB101 into a Stageline powered by a Flatcap and I think it sounds great.

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I recently purchased a rega 3 with a reson mica on board and it sounds great into a naim stageline N into a nait xs2 and neat momentum 3i
I decided to change the stylus for a 1042 as the reson was riding low and that works really well too
In my system in my room it just works :grinning:

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I had a 1042 on my Rega Planar 3 for quite a few years. I can’t remember the exact reason why, but I changed it for an Ortorfon 540 mkII and the Goldring has remained in a box ever since. I rarely play records anymore but at the time I remember the Ortorfon having more bass, sweeter mid-range and quiter quiet bits (less surface noise). The 1042 was the best thing I’d heard until then though.

I had a Gyro/SME V/Goldring 1042 for years, now replaced by RP10/Apheta. I know that’s unbalanced but there were sound reasons for staying MM and not going MC. A fine cartridge to my ears and also good VFM. Rega+Apheta is audibly better, and so it should be, but not “night and day”.

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