GOMI Speakers

Anybody got any experience with these? Anybody heard one?

Look pretty, case made from waste plastic, etc., but precious few details concerning the electronics.

Apparently it uses “second life” e-bike Li-Ion batteries.

As a portable “wireless speakers” they have just as much chance of sounding as good as most others of their ilk. Some recycled plastic products are denser than many wood products and possibly could sound better, however the design is more important than the materials choice. As for recycled batteries, probably a good idea! All rechargeable batteries have a finite life, and I suppose it depends on what you’re paying compare to virgin batteries of equivalent charge capacity. I doubt this type of product is aimed at very long-term ownership, but if that is what is desired then perhaps the key questions are what is expected charge cycle life and are the batteries ultimately replaceable?

Not sure I could buy anything that means “rubbish” in Japanese. Even if by accident.

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Of course it may be deliberate, an in-joke, as they use a lot of recycled materials.

Our interest is because heavy hints have been dropped regarding an upcoming birthday.

It’s not cheap at 300 quid…….

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