Good AV receiver with pre-outs for Atom integration

I’ve already discussed this on the former forum but still somewhat undecided about the choice to make as regarding a good AVR with audio pre-outs at least for the front-end that’d be a good match to allow for the Atom integration in a hybrid AV/Hi-Fi systems.
I spotted the Cambridge CXR 200 but this seems now discontinued at the various French shops although somehow at the top end budget-wise. I also had eyes on some Arcam AVRs but found those very pricey, even on secondhand market.
I know some mid-lines Denon/Marantz could do the tricks and comes feature-packed but don’t have any idea whether i should wait for a good opportunity for a hi-fi specialist AVR like the ones from Cambridge or Arcam (any other comparable suggestion, maybe more affordable and that can be easily found on the 2nd hand market ?) or just go for those a entry to mid-tier Japanese kit.
Opened to helpful thoughts on this. In the meantime, I’m using my Atom HDMI Arc to watch movies and shows but i’m more and more inclined to invest in a purposeful kit for that, but one that would allow for keeping the Atom driving the front-end speakers; I’m just looking for something reliable, with a good sound and flexible enough to prevent the upgrade-bug in a year or so.

Hi Bouba, no experience of this kind of kit but see you can pick them up second hand in the UK, if you check a well known site there is one CXR 200 for £1200 with 8 months warranty left. As I said I have no knowledge of CXR200, they do ship to France.

I use an Arcam AVR360 which was an entry level in their AV receiver range but is awesome but superceded these days.

I did spot some 2nd hand CXR200, which seems to have very good reputation but is still pricey several years after launch.
I also spotted some Arcam 380 at more keen prices and have to say I’m more leaning toward those.
Just wondering though how these will compare vs the recent arcam line as regarding the latest sound processing abilities.
I’ve a good opportunity to lay my hands on an arcam 380 in pristine condition at 680€. It has pre outs and the seller is telling that it’s Avery capable receiver even by today’s standards.
Still, I’m also a bit lost in Arcam now discontinued lines of receivers, lots of references and I’m wondering where does the 380 stand in the line ?

It’s the newer version of my 360 so it’s the entry level multichannel receiver which is very capable. If your after Atmos then you need to look for a newer model but the 380 should cover everything else just fine My 360 sounds great, I bought it as end of line for £700 never regretted it, had an Onkyo before and it blew it out of the water.

You need to decide on what’s important.

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