Good day for my Nait

Well done. Laughed out loud!

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I use a Naim Nait 5i-2 on my bedroom system. It replaced a Quad 77 integrated, where the digital control (a very primitive 1st Gen one) was beginning to play up, the remote had died and Quad advised that no spares were available for the ROM chip for the digital control or the small remote. I sold it to someone who said he could convert the controls to analogue (good luck with that) and bought the Nait at a very good price. I have recently replaced the DALI Royal Menuet Mk.2 speakers on that system with a pair of aluminium housed Swiss Piega Ace 30 speakers, about the only other good quality bookshelf speakers small enough between the shelves of my built in oak shelving, where my vintage Leica collection (currently about 35 cameras) lives. The Piega are a distinct step up from the DALI and for such tiny speakers have amazing bass response. The thing I look for most in speakers is good timing, to produce a coherent stereo image, without a hole in the middle. The timing of the Piegas is impeccable and I would say the equal of the ATC speakers I use on my big systems. They also look good in the brushed black alloy finish.


Vancouver is indeed a beautiful city.

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