Good din to 4 RCA's

Looking for a good quality cable, don’t want to go megger expensive, but having never used one before or even needing one before, any advice would be great.
This is to connect a reel 2 reel, also might need need them to be xlr’s depending on the machine, but for now just a point in the right direction would be helpful.
Cheers in advance

I know of a couple of sources of good reasonably priced cables.

I hope it is OK to supply links mods can remove if not. The first does not present themselves that well but the guy who runs it knows his stuff and has some good cables for budget prices

Another one is more also for studio and musician electronics but does HiFi Cables too. Again good stuff for reasonable prices.

The rules are clear, no commercial links to be posted in the Hifi Corner. Thanks.

Best one in the context of a Naim system is the Naim (see FAQ) or Chord Chrysalis. These work really well with analogue sources such as tape recorders. The Chrysalis can usually be found fairly easily secondhand. I would look for the later version, with the Chord RCA Phono plugs.

OK so not allowed to post links (sorry!) so you can search on google for

Coolnovelties and you will find their website

Also, Designacable similarly which is possibly more likely to be useful they will make up cables using components from well-known suppliers.

I am borrowing a reel to reel for a month or so, but I need a cable, so don’t want to spend to much, but at the same time it needs to be good enough so I can get a feel for what it can do.
Looks like it will be a revox b77 and not his P99 now, so it is din to RCA’s.
I will try and find a naim one then as I didn’t even know they did one

Dunc, have a look on eBay. When I last looked there was a 4 RCA to 5 pin Din Chord Chrysalis. I think it was £65, and it would meet your requirements perfectly.

You say you want Din to RCA, but I suspect you mean the other way round, with RCA on the Revox, connecting to Naim Din. It’s important to get it the right way round to ensure the Din is wired correctly.

As the cable will have 4x RCA the wiring doesn’t matter - each signal pin will be connected to something. The bit to figure out is which is the input pair for playback with the other pair being the output for recording.

Chord cables that I’ve used have red and black for recording and blue and yellow for playback but I have seen cables with 2x red and 2x black - these have arrows printed on the cable sleeve for direction of signal.

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Thanks Richard, you are quite right; it doesn’t matter how the Din is wired as you can choose how to connect the four RCAs. It does however matter with the two RCA version, which I suspect was confusing me. I have just bought a Naim 1m RCA to Din to connect my phono stage and it’s really good. The Chord Chrysalis is very similar.

Hi Cheers
The RCA’s are obviously on the revox, but as I need 4 way, i take it will be wire OK, as 2 will be in and the other 2 out, just need to get them plugged in the right way

Exactly so. You just work it out at the Revox end. I was confusing myself.

Yes, the 2x RCA versions do get confusing, especially as Naim themselves make a DIN to RCA which is still wired for playback (DIN source to RCA amplifier input) so it can’t be used for recording. I know this from experience…

Here’s the Naim one;

I use these or Chord Chrysalis version for all my reel to reel decks and cassette decks.

Yes I found that pic in the FAQ, but done a quick search and couldn’t find any for sale.
But cheers for the heads up

When I had a tape deck I used a Chord cable. Cobra think. Not sure if that type is still available.

But a quick look on eBay shows a few similar ones available

I’m not allowed to link directly to eBay, but if you take a look you will find a Chord Chrysalis that looks exactly like this. Perfect for the job.

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Try searching the usual site for Chord Company Chrysalis interconnect - I see there’s a 3 metre long version available which could be useful depending on where you need to place the Revox

The later Chrysalis cable from Chord is essentially the same, but the RCA Phonos have silver outers and are Chord branded.

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That’s the one I posted a picture of just above.

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I am aware of several generations of Chord DIN 5 - 4 RCA including the two Chrysalis versions mentioned above and a Cobra. I have all three.
I also recently special-ordered a Chord Clearway DIN 5 - 4 RCA through my local dealer. They were happy to make this up - although it was rather expensive, being essentially twice the cost of a normal single Clearway cable.