Good match

I’m happy to have Nd555 with 2 555ps and Melco N10 as a server….

Good match

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I switched my N10 to N10/2 SSD. I have not heard a better combo with ND555/2x PS. I use 2x Etheregen switches with custom Sean Jacobs P/S. Even the Phoenixnet could not better it which would have been good box wise! Less soul. The SSD N10/2 is a more refined product sound wise. Its everything I want! The N10 I had before is amazing but with the Titan 808 was sometimes a bit ‘brash’ the /2 SSD calms this a bit and uncovers even more detail and texture.

I listened to some of the products touted as being ‘considerably better’ than the ND555 and found them lacking that magic something. I will stick with my ND555 and enjoy the music. I came into HiFi from music and find it hard to focus on whats good HiFi wise, I just like music to move me.


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